“Without music, life would be a mistake.”― Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”― Bob Marley

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Professional Service Fees

We believe that we provide a quality service with value for money. As you can see in our profile, we have the capacity to deliver a premium service to our customers, with international quality sound. All our people are passionate about their work and are committed to our business values, rules and ethics.

Our charges are generic service charges and may vary, depending on the amount of work required, duration of recording time and any other incidental or unforeseen charges that may arise. For every production that we undertake, a professional and comprehensive quote will be prepared for your perusal and authorization.

A 50% deposit will be required 7 days before any commencement of studio work and the balance must be paid upon completion of the production.

Likewise Recording Studio provides a host of various comprehensive services to meet your needs. These include the following:

 1.  Artist Recording

 2.  Voice Over Recording

 3.  Performance or Recording Backing Tracks and Karaoke Tracks

 4.  CD Mastering

 5.  CD Production

 6.  MIDI Files

 7.  Session Musicians

 8.  Audio Tape Cleanup

 9.  Audio Advertising

10. Video Soundtracks

11. Multi Media Presentations

12. Cleanup of Vinyl Records and Conversion to CD

1. Artist Recording

For artists prepared to produce quality music recordings, look no further than Likewise Recording Studio. We handle everything from the recording, editing, mixing and production. We can also record the accompaniment with professional musicians.With over 20 years in the music industry behind us, any style of music or genre can be produced and recorded successfully.

We have access to excellent producers, songwriters and professional musicians who are ready to cater for all your recording needs.

2. Voice Over Recording

If you have a new product to launch, Likewise Recording Studio is just the right studio for the job. We can create a full specification presentation for your product where the text is verbally transmitted to the listener. All we require is the script and layout from you the customer. Should you however require assistance with this, we can be helpful with this as well. You can incorporate various media aids for your presentation such as music, video or still photography. We will source the voice over artist to capture the essence of your product. Once the production is complete, we will compile the CD and present it to you for your approval. This production is also available for other applications including product training, marketing and advertising.

3. Backing Tracks and Karaoke Tracks

We have an extensive database of songs available. If there is a specific back track of a song that you require and it is not in our database, we can obtain it or it can be sequenced for you. The backing track can be in any audio format that you require be it MP3 or Wav. We can also supply you with backing tracks that have backing vocals to make your next performance so much the better.

We also supply affordable karaoke tracks with onscreen lyrics. This is excellent for home entertainment as well as starting your own karaoke DJ business.

4. CD Mastering and Production

This function mainly happens behind the scenes once the recording is completed. This is when the signals of a recording are mixed together and effects added to give the production that desired quality.

5. CD Production

This function follows once the mastering is completed and approval given for CD production.

6. MIDI Files

All our equipment is MIDI compatible. We have a vast catalogue of MIDI tracks available for performances. The beauty of MIDI is the ability to alter the key and instruments to meet your needs.

7. Session Musicians

Should you require session musicians to assist you with your recording, we can help you in finding just the right ones for you.

8. Audio Tape Clean Up

If you are in possession of a tape where there is a lot of background noise, we can clean it up for you to a certain degree (Approx. 85% of CD quality) We have been involved with quite a number of tape clean ups for court cases where the recording quality had to be enhanced.

9. Audio Advertising

Likewise Recording Studio is involved in the recording of radio and television advertisements. Here again we have access to talented voice artists and we will record the advertisement, mix it and master it and do the final production work, before delivering a quality recording to you.

10.Video Soundtracks

Whether it is music, voice or sound effects you require to add to your video production, Likewise Recording Studio can deliver top quality sound tracks. All we need are your ideas and the script as well as a comprehensive brief. We can even synchronize the audio track with your video production.

11.Multi Media Presentations

Likewise Recording Studio has been involved with quite a number of multi media presentations for companies and smaller enterprises. We have the software to make your next presentation something special.

12.Clean up of Vinyl Records and Conversion to CD

With a studio facility to our disposal, we can deliver an end product that is excellent in quality. Customers who would want to make use of this service should note that badly damaged records will not produce a fully top quality end product. Furthermore it should be noted that copyright exists on all musical compilations.